Independent, Daily Life

Imagine the FREEDOM:

making your own choices, having your own space, and doing what you want to do!


But with freedom comes responsibility and being accountable.

To live independently, decisions (with consequences) have to be made. Living independently from a supporter can be quite a surprise. This can be a confusing time for both the young adult and their supporter.

A Life of my Own is a unique and exciting way to become independent and self-reliant. Risks are taken, but in the process you learn, make adjustments, create grit and persistence. 


For a supporter, acquiring skill in the art of empowering without compromising accountability can feel treacherous and  confusing. Participation in this independent living opportunity is an investment that can lead to a long term success in self-reliance.


A Life of my Own: Providing Independence Coaching 

It takes a lot of courage to be independent and assume adult responsibilities. A Life of my Own can provide regular, comprehensive, independence coaching to neurodiverse college students or employed young adults and their families. Coaching can be locally in the community or over the internet if you are located further away. Below are some ways an independence coach can help you reach your goals of independent living. 


Focused Preparation is key when getting closer to moving out. Learning and practicing foundational skills will provide a greater possibility for success.  Coaching provides focused training and practice for daily living skills and assist families with learning to shift daily responsibilities from the parent to the young adult for the long term. A Coach can also create opportunities for practice and small successes that blossom into more independence over time. 


Practice runs before moving out will help predict what skills still need to be learned or practiced. You should "Walk the Walk" before moving out. A Coach can assist with facilitating dynamic short experiences with real-life practice runs while using the skills that are needed to live on your own. 


Set up and moving out includes where you are going to live, with who, and what you will need to bring. This is a process and can be very daunting and stressful. A Coach can assist the young adult and families with multiple areas of self-care, planning, prioritizing, and carry through with the tasks at hand. Being part of A Life community may provide opportunities for roommates and partnering with peers who are also moving out.


And finally, the end goal, LIVING INDEPENDENTLY


Coach for Independence can provide support for the transition, create frameworks, build community access, and improve self-motivation for the determination and grit required to be successful. A Coach has expertise that can facilitate gaining and maintaining independent daily living skills. Being part of A Life will provide opportunities to create a community with other young adults and families on this same independence journey. 

Coaching for independent living will be personalized per the young adult and family’s needs. If you are interested in pursuing independent living, please contact us. Independent skills will first be evaluated and a long-term plan will be created with goals leading to independent living. Cost will be determined by the support required for the long-term plan. As a bonus, you will also join a community of others that are on this same independence journey to self-reliance.

If you live outside of the Bellevue area and plan on moving here in the next year, coaching can begin over the internet in the focused learning areas listed above. Please contact us to complete an evaluation and create a long-term plan for independent living. 

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A Life of my Own is a community of young adults working towards achieving independence. With the right support, including 

families, coach, friends and community, self-reliance can be achieved.