Fine Tuning, Community

Congratulations! You are living on your own. 

Let's Master your Independence! 

  • Are you changing life roles from a college student to an employee at a workplace?

  • Are you trying to figure out what is next?

  • Do you want to find part-time work or volunteer or ? 

  • Would you like to have things to do with others?


Is it time for you to do more: like using your money in smart ways, improving what you eat, adding exercise to your day, or organizing your time and getting things done?

Lifelong learning is key to remaining independent. It may be time to learn some new skills.  

Join the community of A Life of my Own. A Life Coach to help you set and achieve your goals, while others in this small community can provide you support and friendship along the way. Community not only makes life more interesting, but provides built in support too. Coming soon! The opportunity to become an assistant independence coach!

Families can also benefit. 

A Life of my Own can re-introduce life balance back into the family - for all family members, re-adjust money use with better spending habits reducing your overall cost, and create opportunities to effectively increase self-reliance. 

 There's also an opportunity to become part of A Life community that could include parents who are on the same journey of young adult self-reliance.


A Life Coach works with the young adult focusing on their strengths to improve daily living skills. Your coach can help make adjustments in areas that are difficult to master. A novel environment will be created to promote engagement, a healthy life style, and successful use of independence skills. Ultimately a Life Coach can help a young adult be in charge of mastering their own independence.

Life Coaching examples:

  • Making a life change. For example, graduating from college and moving from a student into a working adult, or summer break with time on your hands for work or activities 

  • Smart money spending to avoid overspending

  • Living a healthier lifestyle including becoming more active and making better food choices

  • Learn your community, there are lots of interesting places near where you live that you can use to your advantage

  • Regular opportunities to have people around, learning and having fun together

  • Understanding options to improve life choices, a Life Coach can help with insight, decisions, and opportunities to learn & grow


If these examples are some of what you want to Master, let's get started!

4-6 hours a month, a combination of:

1:1 Life Coaching 

Small group learning

Opportunities to teach or share skills with others

Beginning in July, ongoing enrollment

$520/month (decreased rate with consecutive months) 

Life Coaching can be short or long term. Plans will include focus areas and goals to work towards.


Future expansion opportunity: Apply to become an assistant independent life coach. Once you have shown mastery, you can strengthen your skills by working toward becoming an assistant coach for independence. Those applicants that meet the standards, will be given the opportunity to mentor peers!

If you are interested in Mastering Independence, please contact us! 

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A Life of my Own is a community of young adults working towards achieving independence. With the right support, including 

families, coach, friends and community, self-reliance can be achieved.