Learn, Practice, Shift

Young adults and their families both need the same thing: More Independence!  Learning differences / executive functioning difficulties can make this goal even more challenging.


Knowing what is required to become independent can be difficult when you are living as a young adult in the home you grew up in. As a parent, it can be difficult to know how to move forward in a supportive, safe yet hands-off way in order for your young adult to gain the skills they need. Community-based Coaching is an alternative.

A community-based independence course is a real-life way to support a young adult who is craving more independence.  With Community-based Coaching there are many opportunities to learn and practice independence skills. Getting together with peers provides both a supportive learning environment and a natural push to become more independent. These newly found skills can be reinforced and applied to daily life.



A Life of my Own is offering a community-based course for young neurodiverse adults that want to become more independent in their daily life.


Community-based learning through Coaching for Independence

Real life experiences to develop skills that can be used anytime, anywhere

Learn from a coach who gets to know you, understands your strengths, provides helpful feedback, and holds you accountable


Practice with other like-minded young adults in an enjoyable location

Learn about ways to become more independent, apply these new skills safely with others

Build a partnership with other young adults for assistance and encouragement

Learn in a location that has several unique places to practice


Adding independent skills to daily life will give a person more freedom

Below are some of the focus areas for the course.


time management                     taking care of yourself                understanding good money management

good health and nutrition        satisfying relationships                effective technology use

deciding what’s important        taking on responsibilities            DOING IT!

Fall Course begins soon: October 13th!


Saturdays, 11:00-1:00

$595 for 8 Saturdays 

Small learning group, up to 6 young adults in a group

Location: Crossroads Mall, Bellevue, WA

*No time commitment for parent, participant may arrange own transportation* 

To sign up or ask more questions, please click below.

What if I prefer 1:1 Coaching?

No problem! 1:1 coaching in the community is a great way to increase your independence. First, a meet up to learn about you, what you are doing today and what you'd like to be doing in the future. Second, we put together a plan using your strengths and skills to increase your independence. Third, we concentrate on learning and practicing in different ways to improve your abilities to use anytime, anywhere. 

What if I am moving to the Bellevue area in the next few weeks or months?

It's never to early to begin working on independence and the responsibility shift at home. This can be done online and through video chat. It's going to be important to learn skills and create habits that will be useful in the upcoming months when you move out on your own. Let's discuss what you are doing today, then we will put a plan in motion to increase your independence skills, make the daily responsibility shift, and have some experiences with trial independence so you are on your way to becoming a successful, independent young adult. Check out our Live. page for more information. 

How about helping the family with a shift of responsibilities? It is difficult to change who is doing what, and shifting responsibility for daily living skills. A combination of coaching with a young adult and parents can help make this shift become a reality.


First step: contact us. A phone call will be scheduled to discuss where the participant and family are right now regarding independence and where they would like to be in the future. An in-person meeting with the participant will be important to understand who they are, what they are interested in, and the best way to provide coaching. It will also provide a strong indication of the participants strengths and their independence wants and needs. A plan will be created including goals and a timeline. Then, coaching will begin. Let's explore your options together to increase your independence. 

1:1 Independence Coaching Sessions $110/hour, which may include other assistance during a given week

Price per hour will be adjusted with commitment to long-term independence coaching

I'm not quite ready, YET.


There is more to come in helping individuals to become more independent. Sign up for our newsletters. You will receive regular invitations to learn and acquire skills, try unique ideas, and other ways to become more independent.  Keep in touch!

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A Life of my Own is a community of young adults working towards achieving independence. With the right support, including 

families, coach, friends and community, self-reliance can be achieved.